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CareZone app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 144 ratings )
Productivity Medical
Developer: CareZone
Current version: 7.0.3, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 16 Mar 2014
App size: 96.2 Mb

CareZone makes it simpler to take care of yourself, an aging parent, and other family members that need your help.

Managing medications can be a hassle. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

• Take pictures of meds (prescriptions, OTC, and supplements) and the names, dosages, and other details are automatically added for you. (No typing!)
• Always have a list of medications, dosages, and schedules with you.
• Receive reminders when it’s time to take a med, or refill a prescription and track adherence progress by recording when doses are taken.
• Print a pre-formatted schedule to put on the fridge, or share a detailed med list with a doctor via email.


We’ll help you organize the mountain of other information you’re challenged to manage in healthcare situations, and coordinate with family and caregivers.

• Journal: document symptoms and privately share updates with family members.

• Calendar: keep track of appointments and share access with others.

• Contacts: organize & share info for doctors, pharmacies, and insurance providers.

• Notes: store insurance info, online account credentials, and other hard-to-remember details.

• To-dos: keep a synchronized list of things that need to get done and assign tasks to others to get the help you need.

• Photos & Files: store important documents for easy access when you need them.

• News: receive helpful, timely info and tips on health topics relevant to you and your family.

• Sharing: safely share access with others in case of an emergency, or to coordinate care for a loved one.

Your data is protected using the same techniques as your bank, and security firms routinely audit our systems to ensure everything is safe.

The info you store at CareZone is also available via web browsers at, and via other mobile devices.

Pros and cons of CareZone app for iPhone and iPad

CareZone app good for

Had to go to hospital the other day. They asked my current Meds and bam it was there. Love the email function also. Life is so much easier.
I have come to depend on this app for organizing my family medical information. It is easy to use and very inclusive.
I can keep all of my medications in the same place. I escaped a massive wildfire that destroyed my city. And guess what I forgot, my medications. But then I remembered I had care zone and I had put all of the information down. This app is definitely worth getting in case of an emergency like I went through
I have had this app for over a month works great no glitches does what it says it will do excellent notifications and reminders. For anybody taking medications and tracking vitals I certainly recommend it.
Just starting to use but really impressed at how easy it is to use and how comprehensive the various functions are. Look forward to tapping into its full potential.
This is one app that gets used quite often especially every time I go to the doctor.

Some bad moments

This is a good app if you need reminders for taking and reordering meds. It has a prescription service it offers also. They required way more information than what I am willing to release to a third party.
There is a major bug that wont go away even when I reinstall the app. It just keeps saying saving... and never finishes. Get this bug fixed ASAP, awesome app besides this.
I just downloaded this app yesterday & have just began to use it. Being able to sort & print Medications by Doctor would be useful. Doctors want medication lists provided to them sorted by Doctors & OTC stuff
I received pressure from a CareZone pharmacy rep when I tried to transfer a prescription to another pharmacy. The rep literally argued with me over 2 prescriptions!
This app not only helps me remember to take my pills but its very handy for the medical staff when asked for my list
Thanks for the best medicine program ever, I have always problem with my Madison take it on time with future remained it has help me to take all my Madison and never miss it Thank you

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