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Great app

Had to go to hospital the other day. They asked my current Meds and bam it was there. Love the email function also. Life is so much easier.

Great App

I have come to depend on this app for organizing my family medical information. It is easy to use and very inclusive.

Best thing ever

I can keep all of my medications in the same place. I escaped a massive wildfire that destroyed my city. And guess what I forgot, my medications. But then I remembered I had care zone and I had put all of the information down. This app is definitely worth getting in case of an emergency like I went through

Great App

I have had this app for over a month works great no glitches does what it says it will do excellent notifications and reminders. For anybody taking medications and tracking vitals I certainly recommend it.

Easy to use and great functionality

Just starting to use but really impressed at how easy it is to use and how comprehensive the various functions are. Look forward to tapping into its full potential.

Use regularly

This is one app that gets used quite often especially every time I go to the doctor.


I love this app. It reminds me when to take my medicine. I never forgot to take my meds since I installed the App. I also use it for my 86 year old Mother. Now I know she will always have her meds on time.

Carol K

I love this app It is great

Very useful app

Very helpful - especially keeping track of elderly mothers information, in addition tony own and my wifes.

Not just a list

This is a good app if you need reminders for taking and reordering meds. It has a prescription service it offers also. They required way more information than what I am willing to release to a third party.

Care zone

Just learning app and entering info. I think it will be very useful


Really helps manage all 5 of my family members medicines, appts and important medical information. As a nurse, i wish more patients would use this to improve completeness and accuracy during visits to remember drugs, dosages and how taken, and many other things like monitoring headaches, blood pressure etc.


Really love this app! Has helped me many times with remembering my husbands meds.


I love this app! This app has help me keep track of all my medications and refills! The best thing to have incase you get sick and rushed to the hospital!! I wish I could give it more stars!!! This is a life saver!!!

Love Carezone

It is my go to app for medications. I love the reminders over the course of the day on when to take each medications. I know I would forget to take them without it!

This is a awesome app

I cant believe how on track this app is , its legit and it work . It make it easy take to your doctor and share what medication do .

Great health site

Found this site while recovering from a severe illness. Still using it 18 months later to track blood sugars and pressure. Have looked at other apps and stick with this one.

Great App!

Helped with organization of multiple meds.


Carezone is a great service for anything you need to keep tracked up. They do all the hard work. With no extra cost to deliver all my prescriptions.

Excellent App

This is one of my best apps. When we were at one of our new doctors I just pulled up the app and showed the nurse, she was very impressed. Better than keeping little piece of paper in your purse or having to look through your photo albums.

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