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Love this app

I love this app It helps me keep my medicine in check and reminds me if I forget to take it

Terrific App

As long as you have your phone on you (which we all do), youll always have this wonderful app with you. It organizes all your meds and makes it so easy when going to a new doctor. It reminds you when to order your meds too. Its a wonderful app and I highly recommend it. I give it 5 stars

Care zone

I love the care zone app.. Its easy to use and very informative

Great app

This app is great! Use it daily. Especially comes in handy when in the doctors office. This app has a place for your med list.

Care Zone App

The is an excellent app to record and to monitor daily medication. It serves as a daily reminder that is extremely helpful. Another feature is the prescription medication record and when its time to refill. Having a record for all the various medication at hand is handy to show the doctors, nurses and any other medical staff members. This app gets four stars.

Very well done.

Im amazed how well it scans and interprets medicine bottle labels. (Are humans aiding the process?) Makes initial setup easy.

Great medical app

Great app to list all your medication and medical contacts. Whenever I have a doctor appointment I print out my medications (nurses love it since they can keep the list) and I also keep a wallet sized list on my all the time


It is an enormous help!!


I love the App because everything is in 1spot the only reason Im not giving it 5stars is because it doesnt give the glucose tracking the option of saying before breakfast after breakfast before/ after lunch ect. But other than that its awesome

The App Is Awesome

I ❤️ it. It keeps track just about everything from medication to your weight and then some. Also it lets you know when its time to get a refill on your medication.

Great App!

I love this app because if youre forgetful like me before you go to doctor you can print out all your medications and remember your appointments with the calendar. You can keep a record of your weight when you diet. You can even keep up with your sugar and blood pressure . I cant say enough good things about this app


Took a bit to get used to but, over all its a good app..


This is good for Dr appointment

Good app. For Medes

Does what I need it to do.

Very Helpful

Ive been using this app for several years. It has been so useful to have the medication lists, the trackers and now prescriptions delivered in convenient packets. It is so nice to be able to have several people able to access information. The pharmacy has been very easy to work with. I highly recommend this app.

Laurie RN

I really like the app. It has helped tremendously when My Mother has had to go to the ER. I have a list of her Medications and doses right there and dont have to search for a list. Plus I can tell the MD when she had her last dose. If needed I can even refill her medications from the app.

Excellent App

This app was an amazing resource for me when my Mother was going through so many different health challenges. I was able to track 23 medications, split into times, dosages, reminders and notes for all the different doctors. I was just as dependent on this app as she was on me to keep everything correct. With dementia added to everything, this was absolutely necessary. Thank you to the programmers. You have no idea of the emotional benefit your app provides.

Very Secure & Informative App

I really like and appreciate this app from first day I installed it and started using it. Everything you need to know about your Meds follows you everywhere you go. Right at your finger tips. I showed it to my doctor & he was happy to know it is available to us all. It even allows you to keep track of taking your meds! I highly recommend this app!

Awesome App

I was a little skeptical using this app, but then I gave it a try and Im in love it. Its easy to use and great reminder on your dose intake.

Very good app

This is so handy when I go into a Dr office. All my meds and info is in one spot. Have all the Dr phone and fax numbers too. The staff love it. I agree there does need some improvement . The previous reviewer had some good ideas. So helpful should you be in need of medical attention and not fully alert. One of the best apps to have !

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